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After three years on the junior elite gymnastics scene, Samantha Shapiro has made her mark and is ready to take on the highest ranks of the sport.

At 17 years old, "Sami" has some of the best form and execution in the country. She is also a very accomplished athlete, with several junior National titles and second-place finishes to her name. Under the care of former World and Olympic competitors Galina Marinova and Arthur Akopyan at the All Olympia Gymnastics Center, Sami has quickly become one to watch. 

Sami was just five months too young to try for the 2008 Olympic team. She sat out the 2009 season due to an injury, but came back strong in 2010 making her 5th USA National Team. Samantha is currently training for the 2011 US Classic and 2011 US National Championships and recently signed her letter of intent to comepte for Stanford.