December 30, 2009: Mattie was recently featured in articles on both Inside Gymnastics and International Gymnast.

November 13, 2009: Congratulations to Mattie who has signed her National Letter of Intent to compete for UCLA Gymnastics. Mattie will not be intermediately joining the team, but will instead be deferring her enrollment to UCLA to train for the 2012 Olympics.

September 1, 2009: Mattie would like all of her fans to know that she does not have her own youtube account. There is currently someone who is on youtube posing as Mattie, but it is NOT her.

August 20, 2009: Although Mattie was unable to compete in last week's National Championships due to an ankle injury, she has succesfully petitioned onto the 2009-2010 Senior National Team. She is hoping to attend World Selection Camp next month and qualify to the 2nd selection camp which will be held during the last week of September. Best of luck Mattie!

August 2, 2009: Congratulations to Mattie for winning the Reader's Choice for the Inside Gymnastics Magazine Cover for this month! A copy of the magazine cover can be seen here. There are also many new photos added from the 2009 Gymnix World Cup!

April 30, 2009: Mattie has been selected as part of the US Delegation to travel to Germany (May 1st) and Germany (May 8th) for the European Tour. She will be joined by Bridgette Caquatto, Mackenzie Caquatto, Olivia Courtney, Kytra Hunter, Corrie Lothrop, and Sabrina Vega. For more information visit the USA Gymanstics site. GOOD LUCK GIRLS!

March 8, 2009: This afternoon Mattie competed in Beam and Floor finals of the Gymnix World Cup, all competitors were automatically qualified as the qualification round was cancelled due to lack of participants. Mattie shined today earning gold medals on both balance beam (14.650) and floor exercise (14.950)! CONGRATULATIONS MATTIE!

February 21, 2009: A huge congrats to Mattie for being assigned to compete at the World Cup in Montreal, Canada! The World Cup Qualifications will take place on Friday, March 7th with Finals on Saturday, March 8th. Mattie will be joined by fellow AOGC Gymnast Samantha Shapiro. GOOD LUCK GIRLS!

September 5, 2008: Mattie was featured in several newspaper articles following Olympic Team Trials including "" and "Cleaning Up Her Act." Mattie was also recently interviewed by

July 18, 2008: Mattie competed in the first competition of the weekend at the National Training Center Today. Mattie started out with a strong score of 15.4 for her hit floor routine. She scored a 14.6 on her double twisting yurchenko a 14.7 for her bar routine. Mattie finished up the competition scoring a 15.0 on beam with a total all around score of 59.7. Tomorrow Mattie competes in the final day of competition before the rest of the Olympic Team is announced tomorrow.

July 16, 2008: Mattie leaves today for Olympic Training Camp! The girls will be competing on both Friday and Saturday and The USA Olympic Team will appear on the Today Show on Sunday morning. Best of luck Mattie!

June 30, 3008: Mattie's entire site has been redone. Each of Mattie's pages has updates, new information, new photos, new videos, and more!

June 27, 2008: Mattie hit all eight of her routines this past weekend at the 2008 US Olympic Trials and was one of twelve girls named to the 2008 Olympic Training Squad! From the training squad 6 girls will be chosen for the Olympic team as well as three alternates. Mattie's results have been updated and photos from both day of trials have been added as well as many new photos from US Championships.

June 16, 2008: Today Mattie is leaving for Philadelphia, PA to compete in the 2008 US Olympic Trials. She will be competing in two days of competition at the Wachiova Center. The first day of competition will begin on Friday, June 20th at 7:00 p.m EST and the second day of competition will begin on Sunday, June 22nd at 6:00 p.m EST. At the conclusion of the US Olympic Trials Mattie could be one of the athletes selected to compete at the Final Selection Camp to be held July 16-20 at the National Team Training Center. GOOD LUCK Mattie!

NBC will be broadcasting the 2008 US Olympic Trials Day 1 on Friday, June 20th at 7:00 p.m EST and day 2 on Sunday, June 22nd at 6:00 p.m EST. Please remember those times and dates are subject to change so please check your local listings to confirm. Please visit the links provided below for more information, results, videos, and pictures from the competition.

USAG Olympic Trials // Inside Gymnastics Magazine // International GYMNAST Online

June 11, 2008: Many new photos from the 2008 US Championships have been added as well as some videos.

June 8, 2008: Congratulations to Mattie for making the 2008 USA National Team and continuing on to the 2008 US Olympic Trials! Mattie finished 7th in the all around and 3rd on floor at the 2008 Visa Championships! Full results can be seen on the USA Gymnastics website.

June 6, 2008: Mattie competed in the prelim portion of the US Championships last night in Boston, MA. She started the competition beam scoring a 14.100. She moved to floor where she had an amazing routine scoring a 15.450 with a 9.350 B-Score! Mattie moved to vault where she scored a 14.900 followed by a 14.200 on bars. She is currently in 7th place and in a great position to make the US National Team and US Olympic Trials! Full scores have been added for Mattie and complete results can be found on the USA Gymnastics website.

June 1, 2008: This week Mattie will be traveling to Boston, Massachusetts to compete in the 2008 USA Visa Championships. Mattie will be vying for a spot on the senior national team as well as a spot at the 2008 Olympic Trials! To attain this she will need to score an average of a 56 all around over the two days of competition as well as place in the top 12 of the senior gymnasts competing.

Mattie’s competition will begin on June 5th at 7:00pm EST at the Agganis Arena at Boston University. The second day of competition will be held on June 7th at 3:30pm EST. NBC Sports is scheduled to show the second day of competition on June 7th from 4:00-6:00pm EST, but please check your local listing to verify the date and time. We will do our best to keep Mattie’s site up to date as possible during the events of this week and have provided links below to additional resources. GOOD LUCK MATTIE!

USAG Visa Championships // Inside Gymnastics Magazine // International GYMNAST Online

May 20, 2008: Happy 16th Birthday Mattie!

May 19, 2008: Mattie competed last week in the 2008 Friendship International Exchange at the Ranch in Texas. Mattie placed 4th all around with a 57.600 behind USA teammates Ivana Hong, Ashley Priess, and Chellsie Memmel. Mattie also 2nd on floor behind USA teammate Alicia Sacramone. Full results have been added.

March 22, 2008: New photos have been added from the 2008 WOGA Classic and 2008 AOGC Invite thanks to Brian Jones!

March 19, 2008: Videos from the 2008 Gymnix International have been added.

March 2, 2008: Mattie competed at the 2008 Gymnix International this weekend. Last night Mattie helped team USA to a first place finish and finished 2nd in the AA to teammate Chelsea Davis. Today Mattie competed in event finals on bars and placed 3rd. Due to a small injury Mattie will not be traveling with team USA to Italy.

February 25, 2008: Mattie recently went to a National Team Training Camp where she was assigned to the USA team going to the Gymnix International in Montreal, Canada along with Sarah DeMeo, Samantha Shapiro, and Chelsea Davis. The Gymnix competition is this weekend, for more informationa please visit the official site. Mattie was also assigned to the team going to the Grand Prix in Venice, Italy the following weekend! More information on the Grand Prix can be found here. Also look for photos and videos from Mattie's 2008 meet soon!

February 3, 2008: Last night Mattie competed in the 2008 WOGA Classic! Mattie only competed beam and floor scoring a 15.400 (2nd) and 15.350 (1st) respectivley! Mattie's next competition will be the 2008 AOGC Invite on February 16th.

January 14, 2008: Mattie was featured in a recent USAG Athlete Focus which can be seen on Mattie was also scheduled to be competing in the 2008 WOGA Classic which is to be held the first Saturday in February!

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