December 18, 2007: Congratulations to Mattie for being named the November USOC Female Athlete of the Month!

November 25, 2007: Mattie competed floor finals today and won the gold medal, congrats Mattie!

November 24, 2007: Mattie and team USA competed yesterday in the team and all-around portion of the Jr. Pan America Championships. Team USA took the gold medal and Mattie took the gold medal in the all-around competition! Mattie also made event finals in bars and floor. The bars competition will be held today with floor being tomorrow.

Mattie earned a silver medal on bars today with a score of 14.95 which put her right behind USA teammate Jordyn Wieber (15.00).

November 11, 2007: Mattie is scheduled to attend the upcoming National Team Camp where some international assignments will be given out, good luck Mattie! Wallpapers have also been added back to the site.

October 7, 2007: Several new photos from the 2007 US National Championships have been added thanks to Heather Maynez.

August 30, 2007: Many new photos from Nationals have been added thanks to Brian Jones! There are also videos of Mattie's vault and bars from finals added to the video gallery.

August 25, 2007: Photos from the finals portion of USA Nationals have been added as well as a video of Mattie's floor routine from prelims. There are also 6 new avatars featuring photos from 2007 USA Nationals as well as 9 new photos from the 2007 US Classic.

August 21, 2007: A brand new layout is up on Mattie's site! There are also various updates throughout the entire site.

August 19, 2007: Mattie competed in finals yesterday at the Visa Championships were she placed 6th all-around and qualified to her first USA National Team! Mattie also earned a bronze medal on floor. Results from finals and combined placements have been added.

August 17, 2007: Mattie competed yesterday in the prelim protion of the Visa Championships. Although Mattie had a few mistakes she is currently in 10th place and on track to qualifying to her first National Team! Photos and results have been added.

August 12, 2007: Mattie will be competing in her first Visa Championships this week! This prestigious event hosts the top US Elite Gymnasts and will be held in San Jose, CA at the HP Pavilion. Mattie will be competing in the junior session on Thursday, August 16th and Saturday, August 18th both at 1pm PST (4pm EST).

If Mattieís combined all-around score put her in the top 12 all-around and she achieves at least a 54 average she will be placed on the USA National Team. The National Team meets at the National Training Center in Texas for training camps and the athletes on the team are selected to represent the USA in international competitions.

We will do our best to keep the site updated during the events of this week and links have been provided below if you would like additional coverage of this competition.

USAG Visa Championships // Inside Gymnastics Magazine // International GYMNAST Online

August 7, 2007: Photos from the 2007 US Classic have been added thanks to Frank Law. Mattie's routines have also been updated to reflect what she competed at the Classic competition.

July 31, 2007: Mattie did very well at the US Classic this weekend earning the bronze medal in the all-around! She had an unfortunate fall on floor scoring a 13.20 and on her layout on beam (13.65) but did well on vault and bars. Mattie easily qualified to the 2007 Visa Championships which will be held next month in San Jose, CA. Full results are now on the site as well as some videos.

July 24, 2007: Mattie will be competing in the US Classic this Saturday, July 28th! Mattie will need to score at least a 54 all-around to qualify to the USA National Championships which will be held next month in San Jose, CA. For more information on the US Classic please visit the Branch Gymnastics Website. GOOD LUCK MATTIE!

May 20, 2007: Happy 15th Birthday Mattie!!

February 17, 2007: New photos have been added from the 2007 WOGA Classic as well as videos from the 2007 AOGC Invite.

February 10, 2007: Full results have been added from the WOGA Classic. Mattie is scheduled to compete in the 2007 Lights, Camera, Action invite tonight in Los Angeles, CA.

February 4, 2007: Mattie competed yesterday in the WOGA Classic. She took 1st place on vault with a gorgeous full twisting yurchenko. She also took 2nd place on bars with her beautiful form and double layout dismount. Mattie however struggled on beam and floor and placed 2nd in the All-Around for Juniors.

January 27, 2007 Mattie is scheduled to be competing in the 2007 WOGA Classic next weekend. The elite session is scheduled for Saturday evening and streaming can be purchased through Xstream Sports.

October 22, 2006: Mattie's schedule has been updated with some possible meets for next season.

August 17, 2006: Unfortunately Mattie did not end up competing at Nationals today. At this point the reason is unknown.

August 13, 2006: Mattie is competing in her 1st USA National Championships starting next Thursday (August 17th, 2006)! Mattie starts her first day of competition on beam with the prelim competition starting at 1pm. Her squad also includes Samantha Peszek (DeVeauís), Rachel York (Krafft Academy), Madison Turchin (Brandy Johnsonís), Petra Matthies (Brestyanís), Randi Lau (HITS), Amy Borsellino (North Stars), Shebly Salmon (DeVeauís), and Samantha Shapiro (AOGC). Saturday, for finals, Mattie will be starting on beam with the competition starting at 1pm.

Mattie Larson Online will be kept as up-to-date as possible with news, photos, and more from the competition so please keep checking back!

August 11, 2006: All of the pages on Mattie's site have been updated. There are many new icons, pictures, and support banners!

August 5, 2006: Two new wallpapers have been added.

August 4, 2006: re:Action Photography has some photos up of Mattie from the US Classic which can be seen here.

July 31, 2006: Mattie's results and schedule have both been updated.

July 29, 2006: Mattie competed today in the U.S. Classic. She received a 13.65 on vault, 14.85 on bars, 14.35 on beam, 14.45 on floor, and a A.A. total of 57.3! Congratulations Mattie on a successful competition.

July 25, 2006: Mattie will be competing in the US Classics this weekend in Kansas City. She will be competing in the 2nd Session of Junior International Elites which compete Saturday (July 29) at 1:00 pm. More news on this meet can be found on the Dragon Gymnastics website, including ticket information. Good luck Mattie!

June 26, 2006: Mattie along with her teammate Samantha Shapiro have qualified to the international elite level as well as qualifying to the US National Championships this summer! Mattie's schedule has been updated.

May 14, 2006: New Message Board Icons and AIM icons have been posted on the icons section of the website. Mattie's schedule was also updated with some of the competitions that Mattie might be attending this spring/summer.

March 26, 2006: A brand new layout has been put up on the site!

March 20, 2006: Yesterday Mattie competed in the Level 10 State Champions taking 1st AA! This will be Mattie's last JO competition of the season as she is planning on testing elite a little later this year. Full results have been added as well as videos from the competition.

March 3, 2006: The AOGC team is scheduled to compete at the Friendship Challenge this weekend in Burbank, CA. If Mattie competes she will be competing in the Jr. Level 10/Open Session on Saturday at 5:00pm. For more info please visit the Golden State Gymnastics website.

February 12, 2006: Yesterday Mattie competed in the "Lights, Camera, Action Invitational" where she showed off a lot of her new skills! On vault Mattie competed a yurchenko full and scored a 9.850 for first place! On bars Mattie had some difficulty on her new double layout dismount but still scored an 8.2. On Beam Mattie showed a ton of new skills, although she missed her Arabian she made her series of Front aerial + BHS + back layout step out and her new front tuck + yang bo jump combination to score an 8.925. Mattie did an amazing floor routine for a 9.750 and first place. Mattie score a 36.625 AA for 3rd place. videos have been added to the site

January 21, 2006: Although Mattie was scheduled to compete in the 2006 WOGA Classic a slight ankle sprain kept her out of the competition. Get well soon Mattie!

January 08, 2006: Mattie Larson Online is officially opened! Mattie is currently in Texas attending an Elite training camp and is currently training to compete at the elite level. Please look around the site to learn more about this talented up-and-coming gymnast!

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