Below you can find a list of Mattie's skills that she competed during the 2008 Season. Mattie's A-score on each event is listed which is a combination of the following: 1) The 10 hardest skills are added together (an A is worth .1, a B is worth .2, a C is worth .3 ect.). 2) On bars, beam, and floor there are 5 special requirements which are each worth .5 so 2.5 is added to each of Mattie's scores. 3) Any connection bonus that Mattie may recieve is added to the score.

Vault: Yurchenko-back layout 2/1 twist. A Score: 5.8
Bars: Glide kip, cast hop to handstand, endo 1/2 (C), Maloney (D), long hang glide, cast to handstand, stalder (B), shoot over to handstand (D), stalder shoot to high bar (C), long hang glid, cast to handstand (B), stalder 1/1 (D), Tkatchev (D), long hang glide, cast to handstand, toe-on hanstand (C), giant, giant, double layout dismount (D). A Score: 5.8
Beam: Planche mount, switch ring leap (E), front aerial (D) + flip flop + back layout step out (C), crossways flip flop stepout (D), switch leap (C) + yang bo jump (D), 1/1 turn in attitude (B), one foot front tuck (C) + back tuck (C), round off + double tuck dismount (D). A Score: 6.0
Floor: Roundoff + flip flop + arabian double front (E), roundoff + flip flop + back layout 5/2 (D) + punch front layout (B), switch ring leap (C) + switch leap 1/2 (C), front handspring + front layout 2/1 (D), tour jete ring leap (B), tour jete 1/2 (C), double turn (B), roundoff + flip flop + double back pike (D). A Score: 5.7